Make More From The Customers You Already Have

We help eCommerce retailers and SaaS software vendors make more from the customers they already have.

You spent a lot of money acquiring your customers. We help you maximize that investment.

Increase Repeat Business

We help online retailers bring past customers back for repeat purchases. Working way beyond generic email blasts, we get into the guts of your data and create hyper-targeted campaigns influenced by actual customer behavior. (read more...)

Fight Churn

We help you understand major sources of churn, clusters and cohorts of users, and major sources of customer frustration. Then, we follow insight with action by implementing change. (read more...)

Raise Activation Rates

Failure to fully activate is the #1 cause of churn less than 30 days. We'll help identify the key milestone that leads to engaged users and create campaigns to pull more users over that line. (read more...)

Welcome To Pollen

Pollen is a full-service software consultancy specializing in applying technology to tough customer retention problems. As technologists who also speak business, we can work across business and engineering boundaries to figure out what needs to be done...and then actually do it

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